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Personal Yoga Training aims to increase flexibility, build strength, find balance, and align the mind/heart/spirit connection.


These personalized yoga sessions are practical flows for individuals at any level and incorprate Eastern/Traditional yoga with Western/Fitness oriented yoga.


My clients have observed back pain relief, reduced stress levels, and stable energy throughout the day after their yoga programs. 


I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer with in-depth experience in yoga, anatomy and physiology, personal training and holistic nutrition. 


Yoga Cleanse Kits combine detoxifying asanas (movement practices) of yoga with personalized nutrition programs to target underlying health problems.


Personal Yoga Sessions $70/hr

Buy 5 for $300 

(save $50)



Yoga Nutrition programs start at $280/mo

- 1 personalized yoga training per week

- weekly nutrition monitoring

- at home yoga videos

Private Yoga Training 3 for $99 (new client special)

Thank you for claiming yourself as important! I'll speak with you soon.

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