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Skinny Fit Retreats

Weightloss, Fitness, Wellness, Fun

Experience the Ultimate Wellness Journey at Skinny Fit Retreats

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Transform Your Body, Uplift Your Spirit

Skinny Fit Retreats are a perfect getaway for those who want to jumpstart their weightloss and wellness goals. Our dedicated team of health practitioners and instructors will guide you through an effective program of tailored exercise, healthy eating, and rejuvenating treatments.


Holistic naturopathic practitioner, Dr. Lucinda Mallory, will guide you on the best fit weightloss regimens, including the famous "Skinny Shots" or peptide injections, with nutrition plan and hormone optimization course. 

Coach Corinne CuraVida will teach fun cardio fitness classes and mobility yoga flows poolside. She will be preparing meals, co-teaching the weightloss nutrition course and will guide you on the desert group hike. 

There will be plenty of leisure time poolside, a personlaized massage and time to have some night-time fun if desired. We are in Vegas after all!

We hope to see you at Skinny Fit Retreats in Januray 2024!

Typical Day at Skinny Fit Retreats:

A typical day at our retreats includes waking up to a cup of coffee, tea or juice, followed by a fitness or yoga class.

Your hosts will hold their health and wellness courses and feed you organic healthy meals.

After the meal, your relaxing massage, personal training session and/or 1:1 naturopathic weightloss consultation is scheduled.

Two meals are served per day (except check in and check out days).

Services included:


Cardio Fitness Class: This fun and effective fitness class is led by fitness expert, Coach Corinne CuraVida. It is an all level fitness class working key muscle groups (arms, booty, abs), getting your heart pumping and fat blasting, in a safe and guided manner.

Yoga Flow: A rejuvenating yoga class for all levels will help you increase flexibility, open your energy centers, and feel like a new you. Class intensity can be increased or decreased depending on the group. 

Hiking: Our group hike will be in beautiful Red Rocks Canyon, with amazing views, you won't realize you're getting some great cardio!

We will accomodate the hike for all abilities, and divide into two groups, if need be, so we are all goin g at our desired pace. 

Massage Therapy : We are here to relax as well as workout so you will receive one personalized massage, tailored njust for you. A full-body, one hour, coconut oil and essential oil infused massage, to get your spirit in tune and deeply relaxed.

Personal Fitness Training: Your very own personal trainer, Coach Corinne CuraVida, will teach you the best exercises for your body and goals. She will create your individualized fitness plan and keep a close eye on your movements to make sure you prevent injury and create your strong, sexy, fit body!

Natural Health Consultation: Expert naturopathic and weightloss practitioner, Dr. Lucinda Mallory, has over 20 years of experience in weightloss, hormone optimization and overall wellness. She will be teaching the Hormone Optimization course, and scheduling weightloss wellness consults for those who sign up for the "Skinny Shots Retreat Package." The "Skinny Shots" weightloss peptide treatments are for those who are serious about losing up to 5 pounds per week and will receive 4 weeks of injections along with a nurtition plan and a personalized physician's consult. These health consults are an incredible way to get the leading natural medical advice on your individual chemistry and how to obtain your optimum health goals. 

Meals: Am Intermittent Fasting/Feeding schedule will be provided throughout the retreat. Weightloss diet plans with nutritious and delicious brunch and dinner will be served within a 6-8 hour eating window. Mostly all organic ingredients and allergen sensitive, please let us know of any allergies. Gluten and dairy free meals available.


Relaxing Downtime: And don't you worry, there will be ample time to enjoy yourself however you choose on your "off times"! Whether you want to get to get a tan poolside, reading and relaxing or enjoying a late afternoon of shopping or a night of entertainment. We are in Vegas after all!

Skinny Shot Retreat Package:

For those of you who are serious about your weightloss goals, than you have to sign up for the upgraded "Skinny Shots Retreat Package" which includes all of the "Basic Retreat Package" with fitness, yoga, massage, personal training, meals, and nutrition courses. Bit ALSO includes 4 weeks of "Skinny Shot" weightloss peptide injections, a weightloss wellness consult with Dr,. Lucinda AND an individualized nutrition plan! 


will get you jump started with Dr. Lucinda's personalized weightloss wellness consultation, 4 full weeks of Skiny Shot weightloss peptide injections, plus a full nutrition plan to take home. All wihtin the 4 day retreat with workshops, dietary prepping, hormone optimization, blood work evaluation, bootcamps, yoga, personal training  and more...



It's all the rage right now, with millions of people losing weight on the weightloss peptide, Tirzepatide. It is the compounded lower dose of another hypoglycemic drug, with dual-acting peptide that acts on 2 major insulin receptors; producing weight loss by delayed gastric emptying and reduced appetite. Dr. Lucinda will personally guide your weightloss journey with her wellness consultation and 4 weeks worth of peptides. 



For most people, the skinny shot will produce fantastic results; 3-5 lbs weekly. This is very possible when coupled with a nutrition plan targeting insulin reduction. Along with all retreat activities, fitness classes, personal training and healthy meals, you will be sure to see a change within just the time at the retreat!



- How to lose weight effectively and easily

- How to maintain your weight loss

- How to eat for amazing weight loss results

- How to help optimize hormones and thyroid for continued weight loss and optimal energy

- How to exercise to keep your weight down and increase lean mass

- Each client will receive full training on how to do the SQ injections 

- Which supplements will help with energy and weight loss

- Learn to create healthy and delicious recipes

- Each client will receive a full hour consultation with a health care practitioner before the weight loss protocol

For more info on Terzepatide weightloss peptide, read Dr. Lucinda's Wellness Blog:

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