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CuraVida Fitness with Coach Corinne is the best choice for a personal trainer serving Los Angeles' South Bay cities of Manhattan beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach. CuraVida Fitness' Coach Corinne CuraVida represents a holistic, effective and fun fitness program. Coach Corinne and her associate certified Personal Trainers can help you crush your fitness, health and wellness goals. We help women, men, kids and the elderly plan, develop, execute and conquer their fitness and wellness goals. If you want to feel your best and reach your goals to lose weight or simply feel more energetic, a Kirkland Personal Trainer can be a huge benefit to your goals.


Have you always wanted to take advantage of the running, walking, biking, or riding trails in the numerous and beautiful beach trails, stairs and beach, including the long winding strand of Manhattan Beach, or the scenic stairs of Redondo Beach? That means, you get to be beach body ready all year long! So come get and stay fit with CuraVida Fitness' personal trainers in Los Angeles' South Bay cities

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Personal trainers work with people at all levels of fitness. They create plans specifically designed for each client’s needs. As the person’s level of fitness improves, the trainer makes adjustments to reflect that improvement.

Personal trainers provide accountability, encouragement, detailed workout  plans and motivation. If you're serious about getting fit, burning fat, building muscle, creating your summer body, getting into shape, recovering from being out of shape, all of it! 


Studies show that besides improving spirits, exercise can also lower blood pressure, help control cholesterol, stave off diabetes, osteoporosis and even arthritis.


To learn more, call or email us to book your FREE Fitness or Nutrition Planning Consult! 


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