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Come find    your new Fitness Tribe at ladies exclusive Fitbooty Bootcamps!

  • Tired of spending hours on fitness programs that don't motivate you?
  • Wish you knew fun, creative exercises that blast fat and tone muscles? 
  • Over going to the gym and staring at the equipment without a clue of what you're doing?
  • Getting frustrated not seeing the results you want after months/years of working out?
  • Want a lean, sculpted physique that doesn’t sacrifice those feminine curves?
  • Can’t wait to look in the mirror and be proud of the woman you see?

Hi! I'm Corinne CuraVida, certified personal trainer, fitness and nutrition coach, yoga instructor, climbing athlete and creator of FitBooty Bootcamps.

Come try out my fun, fast and fabulous group fitness trainings, Fitbooty Bootcamps! You have nothing to lose except the calories you consumed last weekend! 


All new clients receive 2 weeks of unlimied

small group fitness classes for only $22!!


That's up to 12 fitness trainings with ME as your coach: 

- designing your workout,

- encouraging your success and

- setting your body goals!


As an experienced fitness trainer, nutrition coach, and weightloss specialist, I delight in helping women BURN fat, FEEL good and TONE their booty, arms and tummy!


I have been known to burn upward of 1000 calories per person over a two day period!


Yep, you heard that right... It's called EPOC, your body can burn fat up to 2 days post workout (...if your trainer knows what they're doing)! 


This is why it's so important to have guidance when on a fitness journey, there are ways to efficiently and safely lose weight and many trainers don't even know about it!...Obviously I DO ;)


My heart and specialty lies in women's wellness, weightloss, increased metabolism, and creating that toned, healthy figure...whatever that means to you individually. I can form your curvy body, to be a little powerhouse without getting bulky.. .  


 NOW is your season to start your new, healthy, vibrant body! Start today with myy new client special Spring Special 2 weeks of Bootycamp only $22!!


 Stop thinking, Start Doing!


See you at Botycamp!

Coach Corinne 

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