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   8 Week  Optimal Weight & Wellness  

Achieve optimal wellness with Dr. Lucinda Mallory, natural health physician and coach, with her 8 Week Optimal Weight & Wellness program.


A premium, in-depth wellness plan created just for you, Dr. Lucinda will be your guide to help you acheive your goals in health and well-being. 

This is the only program created by a highly experienced holistic physician and coach that addresses your weight management/ loss and anything that is physically obstructing your path to greater health and wellness. 


Once you sign on to this Optimal Weight and wellness program;  you will have the exclusivity of Dr Lucinda once weekly for up to an hour!

  • Trying to make a change in your health but not sure where to begin?
  • Have you wondered why your body is not responding to past methods of weight management?
  • Are you lacking energy and vitality?
  • Have you gained the "Quarantine 15" tummy weight?
  • Is your normal doctor unable to help you in a real way?
  • Areyou finally ready to make a change in your wellness? 

8 Week Optimal Weight & Wellness includes:

  • Extensive 8 week weight management and wellness program with

             natural health physician, Dr. Lucinda 

  • Individual health consults to help you acheive optimal wellness

  • Virtual 1-on-1 wellness consults

  • Personalized diet plan

  • Specified supplement protocol

  • Weight management consult and plan

  • Weekly updates with natural  health coach to adjust and realign protocols to ensure results

      8 Week Optimal Weight

& Wellness  Schedule     

Week #1: Healthy Weight Management

 This week is devoted to Dr. Lucinda getting familiar with your weight and health goals. Creating a strong foundation of health is essential in order to catapult you towards amazing- well-being! Dr. Lucinda will personally hold your hand through the basics of weight management, lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, and any fitness goals. You will be writing down all of your goals, so she can help you achieve them. 

Week #2:

Energy Boost


Week #2 is about increasing your energy! Without it, you will find it more difficult to achieve all of your other health goals. 

Dr. Lucinda will look at your thyroid and adrenals, ongoing stressors and other obstacles that keep you from feeling vital.

health journals. Together, you will find your self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you from experiencing wholeness and vitality. 

You will be told which supplements and/ or hormones that your body requires for reaching a higher level of energy.


Week #3- Hormonal Happiness

This is the week where you get to really understand how your hormones create your moods; sad, mad, frustrated, angry and yes, happiness!

By helping you eat healthy and take certain phytonutrients in your diet, your cycles will begin to be less of an issue. The week before your cycle doesn’t have to be filled with anger, bloating, cravings and headaches! 

Whether you are pre-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal, Dr. Lucinda has the expertise to evaluate and resolve your personalized hormone balancing regimen.


Week #4- Optimal



Week 4 is for fine-tuning all that was set up during the first three weeks to make sure everything is working well for you.

Dr. Lucinda will make certain that your weight goals, energy levels

and hormone balancing is on target. 

This week you will prioritize yourself and ensure your optimal activity program is set;  incorporating healthy and fun activities into your day, like fitness, hiking, shopping for healthy food, walking your dog, meditating and sleeping well.


Week #5-Optimal Immunity


This week is all about personalizing an immune enhancement program for your body!

Everyone has a different biochemistry and immune system.

We will look at a simple blood test that will show us how yours is functioning.

Then I will explain how you can protect yourself from most microbial invaders; viruses, bacteria, cancer cells, fungus and others. 


Week #6- The New Gorgeous You!

Did you know that your gut has an effect on your emotions, your immune system and your psyche? Find out with Dr. Lucinda how this happens. Your diet choices, your bowel habits, medications you are on, oral contraceptives and nutrients all affect you gut/ brain health. Find out how you can optimize your gut health which in turn influences the rest of your body.


Week #7- Destress and Live



If you can learn how to effectively de-stress your life or how you handle life; your health would benefit incredibly. Your weight would balance out, your immune system would benefit greatly and sleep would improve; if you can learn to manage your reaction to stressors! This is one of the most important weeks; learning techniques to help you handle stressful events with minimal effort and emotion, will directly enhance everything we have addressed thus far; immunity, gut health, hormone balancing, sleep,weight and more.


Week #8-Total Wellbeing & Longevity


The last week is about creating an ongoing program of health and wellness for your life. 

Dr. Lucinda will divulge the secrets of anti-aging doctors around the world for you to make your own.

She will address all supplements, phytochemicals, and anti-aging therapies,

personalized blood work and/ or genomic information. This takes into account exactly what your biochemistry needs; no one elses. 

A thorough review of the last 7 weeks will also be addressed. 



Don't Delay, Sign Up Today!

If you are finally ready to become the healthiest version of yourself,

sign up today for the 8 Week Optimal Weight & Wellness program!

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